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Traveling Israel - Made Easy

If you enjoy my videos and website, then you’re really going to love my digital tours!

My main goal with my digital tours is simple – to make your trip to Israel easier and better. 

Each tour provides you with an itinerary, special shops, warnings (if needed), tips, and the most important thing – my guiding.

Dozens of videos with all my insights about the sites you will visit in Israel. 

Check out this short video for all the information.

In all of the bundles, I’ve added a 10% discount code for all of the Abraham hostels and tours, which I really recommend. So you will be saving more money than the cost of the digital tours. Getting all my insights, tips, and saving money!

I’ve also added the option of downloading the tours to two devices, which will save you even more money.

If you prefer reading, you can purchase my tours as booklets – as a pdf or hard copy.

Digital tour bundles

Digital tours