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4 Best Hostels in Jerusalem

If you’re looking for a great hostel or just affordable accommodation in Jerusalem, then you’re in the right place!

Israel is an expensive destination, so if you’re traveling on a budget, or just don’t want to pay too much for a room in a hostel, then you will find some excellent options here, ranging from private rooms to shared rooms and capsules. 

The price varies from $20 in dorms to about $40 for a capsule and $120 for a private room.

It’s really easy to book a hostel online and there are plenty of good options. I’m going to make it easy for you and focus only on hostels that are in the city center. My definition of the city center is anything within a five-minute walk from Machne Yehuda in the west to City Hall in the East.

I will also be showing you some useful photos of the hostels that you don’t get to see on the booking websites. 


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Stay Inn Hostel & Hotel

The Stay Inn hostel and hotel is the most designer hostel I’ve ever seen.

stay inn Jerusalem. From the outside it doesn’t look particularly promising…

From the outside this hotel and hostel looks like a regular office building but once inside you’ll see it’s really special and unique. 

But once inside…

The hostel only takes up one floor of this three-floor boutique hotel. The hotel is called Stay Inn and the hostel is called Hyve by Stay Inn (I have no idea why) but once inside you can move around all floors freely.

The rooftop terrace

There is a rooftop terrace, a small garden, a wine bar and breakfast options. On days that they don’t offer breakfast, they provide you with a voucher to eat at a nearby café.

The hostel is located on King George Street, right in the heart of the new city. It is about 4 minutes’ walk from the Jaffa Center light rail station.

Probably the most designer hostel in Israel.

You can book a room here and dorms here.

Address: King George St 21

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem 

The Abraham Hostel was the first modern hostel in Jerusalem. The five owners initiated a revolution concerning everything connected to budget travel in Israel. 

Abraham hostel
The Abraham hostel team changed the budget travel industry in Israel. I have been following them for 10 years and they continue to run their operation with great people and plenty of energy.

There are private rooms and dorms, a lot of common areas and a nice rooftop. They also have hostels in Tel Aviv, Nazareth and Eilat as well as putting on interesting tours. 

Abraham hostel private room
Private room. Basic, simple and clean.
Abraham hostel dorms
Dorm room with 4 beds and bathroom.

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And second, Abraham hostels are really good for solo travelers or people who are a bit nervous about traveling in Israel, as these hostels are big enough to provide everything: 24-hour reception, tours, shuttles, bar, breakfast. 

An Abraham hostel is always a great place to meet other travelers.

 It’s very easy to get to. The light rail station of HaDavidka is right next to it.

Abraham hostel bar. As a big hostel they offer all the services tourists need.

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If you don’t plan on getting my app, you can book a room here and dorms here.

Address: Haneviim 1

The Post Hostel

The Post Hostel, like the Stay Inn, looks like a boutique hotel. It used to be the post office building, which explains the post office designs. 

The Post Hostel bar

In my opinion, this is the best hostel next to the Old City. And it is right next to the City Hall light rail station.

The entrance

Before Corona, they used to serve breakfast and they plan on bringing it back in the next few weeks.

A private room in the Post hostel.
The dorms

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If you don’t plan on getting my app, you can book a room here and dorms here.

Address: Koresh 3

Jeru Caps

When I told my friends I was going to sleep in a capsule hostel, their first reaction was, “Like in East Asia? We didn’t know there was such a thing in Jerusalem.” And the second reaction was one of “Cool!” or “Like sleeping in a coffin?” There is no middle ground.

I like it.

I like the idea of capsules. They’re perfect for travelers on a budget who want privacy and don’t want to spend too much money on a room. 

The capsules. There is one room for men, one for women and a shared one.

The entrance
The lobby

You can book a room here and dorms here.

Address: Hillel St 20