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I want my website to be the best source of information about traveling to Israel, with relevant and accurate information about sights in Israel as well as its society and culture.

If you’ve encountered a mistake, or have a question or idea, please feel free to contact me. Just fill in the form below.

I don’t offer tours. If you are interested in a private tour I can recommend my friends

Itay – [email protected]

Avirama – [email protected] (specializing in the Galilee)

The price of a private tour is about $500-$650 a day or $750-$950 a day for a guide with a car.


Israel itinerary with Itay:

Galilee with Avirama:

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  1. Hello- I follow you on YouTube & bought your booklets. They have been been very helpful as I plan my trip to Israel for next spring, so thank you for your professional guidance! We would like to visit the Elah Valley if possible. Do you have any suggestions for getting there from Jerusalem? A private tour guide is outside of our budget.

  2. Hi Oren!

    First off, let me just tell you that your videos are simply aaaaawesome!
    We’re travelling for the first time in Jerusalem the first two weeks of September and was wondering if you do group tours in the Old city and how we can sign-up?
    We’re a group of three, me, my husband, my mom who is also a Christian pastor so this is really a spiritual tour specially for her.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Hi Oren,

    I have watched almost all your videos and they are very good and most helpful. I am visiting Israel and have a question about transport. I will be in Israel in January 2020 and have chosen to stay in Bethlehem (I understand it is Palestine but I want to be close to the Church of the Nativity) so I wanted to take the train to Jerusalem and then a taxi to Bethlehem. Is the fast train from TLV airport to Jerusalem that you mentioned in one of your videos now fully operational ?

    Thank you


  4. Ma nishmah Oren, I discovered your videos and got hooked. They are wonderful and very helpful, Kol Hakavod! I would like to suggest you to do a video on the subject “Jerusalem for Jews”. We really don’t care for Christians and Muslim’s sites. We are a small group (my daughter, granddaughter and I) planning just a few days in Jerusalem for her bat-mitzvah (on a real tight budget). My daughter has dangerous food allergies and we plan to rent a small Airbnb so we can cook her meals “at home” and be safe and sure that she will not fall ill during our days in Eretz Zion. Any neighbourhood to suggest? Todah.

    1. Shalom! I guided mostly Christians so it is easier for me to write about Christian sites, but I will I will write more about Jewish places. When it comes to Airbnb it really depend on you as many apartments are not in the city center.

    2. Hey, I will do it! Now in these corona days I am working on videos about the Israeli society and in summer I will try to make more videos about Jewish places.

  5. We used Elijah Tours and Travel last year when we were in Israel . They are a small tour group and we were able to see so much more than with a large group. The tour guide could not have been nicer or more accommodating . They made us feel like family.

  6. Hi Oren. Love your videos. Your knowledge is incredible. Is it best if I order your 3 books thru Amazon or wait til you can mail them personally to me in the U. S.? (I may want autographed editions-haha).

  7. Hello Oren,
    I just came across your You-Tube Channel and I’m very impressed. I’m a Canadian living in Dubai. I’m interested in organizing a 7-10 day tour of Israel and possibly into Jordan. I’m an ancient history buff working at a university. I’d like to hire a guide who’s at least at my knowledge level. How would I go about customizing my trip with such a guide(s). I’m trying to work out a budget for my trip. Also, how gay friendly is Israel? I can’t seem to find much information on this topic.

    1. Shalom,
      Thanks! Tel Aviv is very gay friendly. Other parts less so, but it is much much better than Arab countries.. You can contact the Agency I work with, Shin tours, they can find you a guide that specialized in ancient history.

  8. Dear Oren:
    A few years ago I watched a documentary on a man that spent time in the wilderness while he attended university in Israel. Two years ago I started studying Israel as a bug-out location for something I felt I needed to do. I found your channel and studied your information like a sponge sucking up water. I am very learned in bushcraft and survival and was very confident to make the trip. I was required to have a return flight and in the end I left Israel after two weeks of living off the land and hiking through. Even though I left when I really wanted to stay, my flight was the last one to go and I don’t know if I made the right decision. However, I ended up back home but I will never forget the kindness that came from the ones that I met while hiking. Here’s the interesting thing, I came across that video of the man that went to university and stayed in the woods. It was you, Oren! You are not responsible for what I was doing but you were a real great inspiration and person of knowledge that got me that far. You are a great inspiration for not only Israel but the world and I’m a testament. May God bless you and your family and keep you safe during these troubling times that you may go far in inspiring many more to go out and enjoy the world that God has offered us. Thank you Oren! I will leave you the link to the beginning of my story.

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